94th European Motor Show Brussels 2016: Go Car Crazy + Win a BMW i3 with AXA Belgium

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Do you love cars? If your answer is a resounding YES, then you shouldn’t miss the 94th European Motor Show (Auto Salon) in Brussels this January 14 to 24 at the grand Brussels Expo.

Rest assured though, you don’t have to be a hardcore enthusiast in order to appreciate this show because I’m not one myself — and yet, I had an amazing time looking at all the new car models, luxury cars, and technological advancements that’s happening in the automotive industry!

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The European Motor Show Brussels (or BSM) is an annual event that is organized by the Fédération Belge de l’Automobile et du Cycle (FEBIAC) and the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles — and it is the biggest car show event in Belgium. (For more information and ticket prices, go to their website here.)

I especially loved Hall 1 where all the hottest luxury cars, sports cars, and limousines where located! It was like a grand place where you can daydream about owning these cars as you lounge and eat out in the stylish “La Terrasse du Salon“.

Aston Martin

But aside from the vast variety of NEW cars, product launches, and innovations that you could witness in this auto show, you could also enjoy the following unique experiences and opportunities:

Tech Tack

TECH TRACK: Located in Hall 12, you can see here the several technological advancements made by the technical partners and manufacturers of the motor show. There is an interesting virtual reality driving experience provided by BIVV-IBSR and then of course, the Tech Track! Especially constructed for SUVs and 4x4s, the whole area is constructed like some sort of urban zone that will test the limits and versatility of the various cars present for the motor show.

As a spectator, you can also opt to join one of the professional drivers as they maneuver through the course!

Circus Trial Tour

CIRCUS TRIAL TOUR: Found in Hall 3, the level of fun and thrill quadruples here! You can watch here mind-blowing shows as several motorists will go through breath-taking obstacles. (Think: Moto Trial Freestyle and BMX!)

This show happens every day during the motor show: 11:30AM, 14:30PM, and 17:00PM.

BMW i3

WIN A BMW i3: Unveiled as a zero emission electric car, this car has been awarded a LOT of awards such as that of the 2014 World Green Car of the Year and many others. As an attendee of this Brussels motor show, you can have the exclusive chance of winning and owning the BMW i3 by simply heading to AXA Belgium’s spot that’s located at the Astrid Hall (at the main entrance near Parking Lot C).


» What is AXA Belgium about?

AXA Belgium is known for providing the best financial and insurance services. Though they don’t manufacture cars, they still deal with it in a sense — hence their participation in this year’s motor show. Besides, as a company, they aim to promote protection, security, and responsible driving most especially through their omnium insurance that provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle!

To better present this aim better, they have designed an AXA Challenge wherein you can play a fun ‘racing game’ at the AXA stand in the Brussels Motor Show and get the chance to win something awesome: the BMW i3!

» How to win the AXA Challenge and get that BMW i3?

AXA Belgium
Reflex Drive

As I mentioned, the AXA Challenge involves a racing game called ‘Reflex Driver’ and as the name goes, it depends a LOT on your reflexes as you try to stay ‘safe’ while driving. Rest assured, it’s quite simple: you just need to push the right buttons when you see pigeons, when it rains, when it fogs, when there are obstacles, and when there is too much sun. But then of course, it gets difficult to score and stay alive in the game as you advance since the game speed will speed up gradually.

Nevertheless, if you become one of the top 3 best players all throughout, you can get the chance to participate in the Grand Finale and win the BMW i3!

I have tried the game myself and it was pretty neat. I didn’t manage to get to the top 10 during the press event though; but guess what? You can try and practice the game in advance by going to the following links: French or Dutch.

Good luck!

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Motor Show
Car Models

The Brussels Auto Show (BSM) this year is an amazing presentation of today’s innovative car and motor providers, and for sure, they have a lot of entertainment up on their sleeves.

I was invited to a special VIP press event last January 12 but the official opening date is this January 14 and ends on the 24th. For ticket prices, you can see more info here; but basically, one stub for an adult is around 15 EUR.

DISCLAIMER: This post was made in collaboration with AXA Belgium. Nevertheless, all opinions are only that of my own.

94th European Motor Show Brussels 2016: Go Car Crazy + Win a BMW i3 with AXA Belgium

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  1. Mommy Pehpot

    I would love to attend this kind of show! I love seeing and marveling at cars specially sports car and luxury car.

    • Aileen

      Glad to hear that! It was really a grand event :D

  2. Liz Mays

    OH wow, it is awesome to see the future of autos like this. I would be in awe at those new designs. Being at an auto show would be absolutely incredible and super interesting! I wouldn’t mind winning that BMW either.

    • Aileen

      True enough! There’s still time to attend since the Auto Salon will end this 24th :D

  3. Tami

    My hubby would love for the two of us to go to the Brussels Motor Show. I, myself, like seeing all the new features that car makers come out with.

    • Aileen

      Oh I bet you will love it, much like me — no matter if we’re girls ;)

  4. Donna Ward

    Awww….this is so much fun…would love to have the BMW! Now I’ll be dreaming!! Great images at the motor show, wish we could have gone also!

    • Aileen

      There’s still time to go, and a good opportunity to visit Brussels ;)


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