5 Must-Visit Spots in Singapore During Chinese New Year

5 Must-Visit Spots in Singapore During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (CNY) is always an exuberant affair in Singapore. Every year, the signature cacophony of cymbals and gongs fill the air as lion and dragon dancers in vibrantly-coloured traditional costumes mesmerise the audience. Thousands of brightly-lit lanterns also illuminate the streets, and a mouthwatering array of festive goodies sold at street bazaars always attract huge crowds. In short: the Lion City simply transforms into a sea of bright colours and ceaseless energy, sparing no expense to usher in the coming of Spring.

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All in all, CNY is an incredbile time to be in Singapore, and below are the top 5 spots you should check out for an awesome festive experience!
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5 Top Places to Visit in Singapore During Chinese New Year

#1 – Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

With an impressive collection of horticultural wonders and otherworldly beauty of the Supertrees, Gardens by the Bay is the crème de la crème of Singapore’s many urban gardens and parks. Besides, while mainstays like the Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove draw awe and mystique all year round, the seasonally changing floral displays at the Flower Dome guarantee a unique experience even for repeat visitors.

Moreover, Gardens by the Bay celebrates this year’s Chinese New Year with two exclusive events: vividly coloured dahlias, camellias and bromeliads that evoke a sense of Chinese imperial grandeur in Dahlia Dreams, and UV light performances featuring a Lotus Dragon and Northern Lion Dance that will enthral in Colours of Spring. As the year of the dog this 2018, many canine-inspired motifs and decorations will be found throughout the gardens which will truly add a finishing touch to the festive atmosphere.

#2 – The Float @ Marina Bay

Float Marina BayFloating Stage from Shutterstock.com
As the world’s largest floating stage, The Float @ Marina Bay hosts some of the most extravagant and significant national and international events. It has been the venue of choice for many of Singapore’s National Day Parades and in 2010 it was even the site chosen for the Opening Ceremony of the first Youth Olympics.

For this 2018’s River Hongbao, this famous bayside stage is set to the the prime venue. This annual celebration will be replete with local and international cultural acts, a traditional Chinese arts and crafts bazaar, amusement park and fireworks display for 11 consecutive days. True enough, River Hong Bao will be a festival extravaganza that will bring together the excitement and dynamism that is so characteristic of Singapore.

#3 – Sentosa


Singapore’s State of Fun has all you need for endless excitement and thrills with state-of-the-art attractions like AJ Hackett Bungy and Mega Adventure Park that appeal to the adrenaline junkie — while others, like the Tiger Sky Tower, will literally take anyone to new heights. But if you just want to chill out and relax? Sentosa’s many beaches provide a nice respite from the urban hustle and bustle. Plus, luxury spa and dining experiences will be sure to leave you yearning for a longer holiday.

For Chinese New Year, Sentosa will be ushering in Snoopy-themed festivities — from Snoopy sculptures, mascots and even Snoopy-themed zodiac boards, fans of the affably cute beagle will be in for a real treat this year.

Not a fan? Drop by the one of the many pen-a-wish booths and kick off your Chinese New Year with a beat of the Prosperity Drums! And if you want to get a feel of this year’s luck outlook, 9 masters from 9 different schools of divination at Resorts World Sentosa’s Fortune Street will show you all.

#4 – Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Although it’s part of Sentosa’s repertoire of entertainment, Universal Studios Singapore simply shines on its’ own. Whether you’re joining Shrek and his bunch of adorable misfits on adventures across the Kingdom of Far Far Away, stopping the evil Decepticons together with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee or surviving a T-rex rampage in the heart of Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Singapore will immerse you — completely — in the world of your favourite movies.

Now of course, Universal Studios Singapore tends to draw huge crowds during Chinese New Year, and for good reason: iconic movie characters will be decked out in festive attire, martial arts and other cultural performances abound and CNY-exclusive merchandise will only be sold then too. So if you want to catch the Minions in cheongsams or tangzhuangs or if you simply want to grab a CNY-themed souvenir, do get your tickets way in advance!

#5 – F1 Pit Building

Chingay Parade

Singapore’s annual F1 night race may be the highlight event, but the F1 Pit Building also sees a number of boutique fairs all year-round. From 23rd to 24th February this year, this spot will host the annual Chingay Parade.

Hokkien for “the art of costume and masquerade”, the Chingay Parade is Asia’s largest spectacle of street performances and floats. Created as a sort of compensation for Singapore’s ban on fireworks, the Chingay Parade has since gone past its’ Chinese New Year roots to be celebrated by Singaporeans of all races alike.

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