Catching Up with Aileen After 4 Months

Catching Up with Aileen After 4 Months

I’ve been away for far—faaaaar—too long! And NOW is definitely the time for me to come back because I really, really, missed blogging. Plus! There are soooo many things that I want to share with you guys!

And to make this easy, let me just put it into a list:

Aileen New Boyfriend

Since November 19, 2012 I have been in this awesome relationship with a really great guy and his name is Jonas (pronounced as ‘Yo-nas’) Van Baelen. Basic facts: he’s from Belgium, 25 years old, an entrepreneur, and a professional poker player. Our relationship came as a surprise to my family and friends, but more for ME because in all honesty: I have been so stuck in the ‘rediscovering myself’ phase last 2012 that at one point I even vowed to myself that I will be ‘single’ for quite a while—I guess I was enjoying it so much.

Who wouldn’t, when I had those numerous social event invitations, the freedom, and the chances to meet as many people as I want to?

And oh, I also never thought that I would end up with a foreigner either. Sure, I’ve thought about it, because from all the ‘dates’ that I had, I realized I could connect more with men who are NOT Filipinos. But still, I just didn’t think I would ACTUALLY end up with a foreigner guy…

A factor as to why I couldn’t really connect with a Filipino is because from all of them that I know or have dated, they are mostly NOT independent, and a bit too immature sometimes too, and whenever I learn that they can’t stand in their own feet, nor do they have a plan in life, then they instantly turn me off. Maybe this is because of how I, myself, live independently and if I can’t see a man who had the balls to do the same, then I shake my head.

If I put it simply: I imagined myself getting into a serious relationship when I am 25 or maybe even older or whatnot.

But life, of course, always has a way of shaking things up! The two of us met a party in Republiq last September 22, 2012 while I was having my post-birthday celebration with a friend… and I would never EVER thought that I would meet the ‘love of my life’ in a club!

Come on, I even put up a post here in this blog where I previously said something along the lines of: “Of course there are cases that good relationships have flourished from chance meetings in places like clubs. But they’re very rare. VERY rare. So just… be careful. Most people don’t meet their prince charming in clubs.” LOL. Oh the irony.

…So what made me cave in? The whole of him.

He helped change me and my views, especially when he showed me his passion for life, his dreams, and his thoughts. He even inspired me to aim for my best. Vice versa, I have also made the same effect on him. And oh, let’s not forget about his humor! Aaaah, nobody has ever made me laugh the way that he does! This might sound like bullshit and cliche since I bet I’ve said the same line when I was still with my ex; but with Jonas, it’s different. We connected in so many special ways that I couldn’t really compare any past relationships that I had at all… not even my first love, which by all respect was also an amazing relationship of its kind.

Surely I have tried to steer away from Jonas at first, because I was afraid. Really afraid. He’s a visitor in the country, so who knows? I might just be one of his many, many, (side) courses! LOL. But a part of me screamed that ‘this’ was going to be different. …And so it did. :)

Overall: he was such a breath of fresh air, and from that moment on… I knew I love him for all of what he was and more. And I knew that there would be far more things that I’ll come to love about him. ♥

As of this date, we have already been together for more than half-a-year and I still couldn’t believe that it is really possible to be able to amazingly connect with someone physically, emotionally, and intellectually. I still could not believe it either that after living with him for quite a while as well, I still haven’t had the urge to kill him! LOL. Kidding aside: this man is just amazing and I would never ever doubt his love given all the things that he has done for me.

I have to confess thought that I have had bad thoughts sometimes in which I imagined my past issues creeping back into my personality, wrecking havoc in our relationship! But not surprisingly enough: they didn’t rise out as much. I feel really secured and calm with Jonas, and I really trust him. I hope that as this blog goes on, you guys could also get to see a peek or get a ‘feel’ just about how amazing this guy is! :)

Now if you want to see a more detailed day-by-day account of my life with him, check by this Tumblr site that I have set up: (And yes, as you can see there: I am living in with him, and each day just gets better and better! I’ve had my share of fears too at first since it’s my first time living in with a guy anyways, but those disappeared quickly! I absolutely love living with him and everyday just feels like a new adventure :)

Quit Job

I’ve been working for Deutsche Bank for almost 2 years, but like I’ve mentioned before in this blog, this wasn’t really the ‘career’ I wanted. It was more like a ‘stepping stone’ or a ‘stop along the way’. But… eventually, the purpose of it all started to wane. As days droned on, I couldn’t find the will to work anymore. And I always find myself waking up and saying the words: “Not again!?”

I was the best performer in our team, and I still gave them the same optimal performance level like always, but internally, I was in a turmoil and I was just so frustrated. I didn’t find any meaning in what I was doing and I know that I needed a change. Fast. I could NOT imagine myself anymore working in an office setting for all my life, stuck in a desk for 8 hours a day, and then be later on hassled by Manila traffic :(

Jonas really helped guide me in this period and… thank goodness, I eventually found another job. It was with a friend of his who owns an Amazon seller brand called ‘The Friendly Swede‘ and the best part of it is that I was going to do Marketing (a career that I have always wanted!) and that I can do the work in my own time and even in my own home! The pay was even good too! So what was I to do but to just grab it, right?!

I then handed my resignation to Deutsche Bank for as quickly as I could, and for a while now, I have been living well and contented. And it’s thanks to Jonas for giving me the courage to take a leap of faith on this one.

Clearly, I’ve been happier in matters of my career now and I am just so thankful that I am blessed with these kinds of opportunities :)

More Philippine Adventures

Now that I am working at home and have more control of my time, Jonas and I have been travelling around sometimes! Aside from trips that we’ve been making to Cebu (the place where he previously lived for almost 2 years starting when he first arrived here in the Philippines), we have also tried other activities like hiking up to the famed Mt. Pulag! [Thanks to my When in Manila family for giving this ‘assignment’!] Because boooy, the view here was exhilarating! Unfortunately we didn’t see much of the ‘sea of clouds’ phenomenon because it was the peak of the summer, but still, it was a great experience overall!

We’ve also done hiking in Dumaguete, and just recently, I brought him to Tagaytay and we both tried out the Taal Volcano hike in horses. Damn it was hot! But it was okay. I guess you can say that we really like nature and hikes! This coming July, we’re also going to travel to Bohol and might even go to Malaysia, but before that happens, I’ll put up a post about each of the past places that we’ve been to so that I can share to you guys some helpful travel tips too! :)

Swimming Lessons - Aileen

In our subdivision, there’s this banner that always seemed to scream out to me: “Join Bert Lozada’s Swimming School NOW!” And I decided that it was finally the time for me to start learning how to swim!

I’ve had enough of people exclaiming “Oh my God! You don’t know how to swim? But you’ve lived in an island for almost all your life! (Referring to Batanes)” LOL. And yes, yes, it is an irony, because I think from all my friends back home, I might just be the only one who doesn’t know how to swim. Clearly, it IS time to put a stop to it! Haha!

There were 10 sessions for the Adult Basic course and through it, I’ve managed to learn different strokes: freestyle, back, butterfly, and breast. And WOW, just wow, trying to master these strokes were tiring! I even had days where I felt so feverish or weak but I still pushed myself because man, I ain’t no pussy!

In the end, I succeeded! And yes ma’am, I can swim now! …but I still can’t tread. :|

Since the pool wasn’t deep enough, we couldn’t practice that. So I guess I’ll have to learn that with another provider. Anyways, at least the main point of it all is that I finally took the step to make a change/improvement in me :)

Life Skill

I started to cook and bake again too! Mainly because I now have someone special to cook for :P

For the past months, I’ve been trying a lot of new dishes that thankfully often end up great! With this, I’ve been thinking of possibly converting my site into more of a recipe and food-appreciation site because reviewing restaurants doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Why? Mainly because of how it messes up my health (it makes me gain weight so fast and I always feel bloated after every event that I get invited to, which is good in some sense, but still bad in the long run…).

Anyhow, I’ve been baking a lot too! And I’ve even come up with a good lamb dish that Jonas praised me for! :) Yay! Therefore, I have been planning on sharing these recipes, so do stay tuned!

Vanity and Health

I loooove messing around with my hair. Last March (I think?) I did a red ombre again with Creations Salon but when it started browning out after a month, I was about to try coloring it ash brown (lol), but Jonas suggested that I try going back to my natural color: black.

That’s when I realized that I haven’t had my black hair for years! Maybe 4 years? So I decided to take his suggestion and bam! I liked it! :) Especially because it makes me look younger (lol) which is good because most people say that I look mature for my age and we all know how brown hair adds a ‘mature vibe’ to just about anyone.

I’ll also be putting up posts about this later on so you get to know as well my experience with them ;) And oh, yeah! I have also put more focus and dedication towards my health. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and exercise more everyday (especially since I want to tone my body more and shave off the fat I earned from food blogging, haha!)


The past four months have been EPIC. So epic that I forgot blogging, and mind you! Blogging is something that I really, really, love to do! So yeah, it was that serious of an ‘epic’ thing! Haha! But I promise, and I’d like to be serious about this one, that I would really continue writing more and more in this blog because this space just really needs some more lovin’ ♥

How about you? How have you been? I hope you guys are still around! ^___^

How about you?

  • What have you been up to for the past 4 months?
  • Do you cook or your own meals? Or have you tried doing so?
  • Have you ever resigned from a job before? Why did you do it?

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  1. not really a fan of long posts but you got me hooked up on your great story! you might have been away from blogging for a long time but looks like you had the time of your life during those days. im happy for you :>

  2. this is really nice to see you back after such a long time aileen.

  3. Its great to take a break from blogging and enjoy real life to its fullest! But then again, its always awesome to go back to blogging. Its really different. Anyway, seems like a lot of things happened out of your virtual life! Hope you everything works out to be more awesome than ever. :) Oh and welcome back to the blogosphere! :)

  4. HEHEHE So Happy for you Aileen!! :)))

  5. So glad you're back, Aileen! I miss your blog posts! But more importantly, I'm so happy that you're enjoying life! You got me at the "fat I earned from food blogging" part btw.. Haha.. That's why I'm trying to eat healthier and exercise more as well. Anyway, hope to see you soon :)

    1. Thank you Sumi!!! <3 I miss reading your blog too! I have been so out of the loop na these days about whatever blogging news, etc. etc. Haha! And oh, come on, I don't see you getting fat! And congrats btw! Just saw how you got featured on TV for instance :3 Woot woot! I hope to see you soon too!

  6. OMG. I'm so happy for you! Totally deserve it. Plus, you get to work at home? LUCKY! hahaha.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    1. Awww, thank you Mimi! Yep, I get to work at home XD
      I really hope to see you soon too!!! <3


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