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A Filipino Traveler’s Ultimate Companion: BPI Credit Cards

Before I started this traveling lifestyle, I actually abhorred the idea of owning a credit card since my mindset at that time was that it wouldn’t benefit me at all — I might get charged more or I might end up spending more than I should. However… once I did launch into my ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, I have come to realize that such was NOT true since there are tons of amazing benefits that a credit card can give to a world traveler like me.

To name a few:

  • Protection – cash is definitely handy while traveling, but it’s a hassle to bring a lot of it for it can really compromise my safety. That’s why when I once did a trip around the western part of Europe with the use of a rental car, I chose to use a credit card for all of my payments. Doing so had given me the assurance that I could put a stop to any unauthorized charges if in case my card gets stolen or if I would accidentally use a shady money machine somewhere. (This is as opposed to a debit card that will automatically take your money once a payment is made).
  • Payment safety – I typically deal with large purchases like airplane tickets, hotel bookings, and car rentals and it’s an undisputed fact that paying with a credit card is by far the safest option that a person can do especially when shopping online. That’s why for all of my travels around Asia and Europe in the past years, I’ve made it a point to use a credit card, since as per the above point, you can hold money off if in case there are fraudulent charges.
  • Usefulness – given my kind of lifestyle and work, I do a lot of online transactions; besides, it’s quite a norm nowadays to do everything on the web. In fact, most hotels, airlines and other travel-related companies that I have dealt with so far only accept credit cards in any kind of reservation or booking.
  • Tons of perks – the #1 favorite perk of any traveler: flyer miles. Following that are of course the array of points and discounts that I can rack up for every transaction that I make. I’ve been traveling and making purchases for over 2 years now and I can assure you that the benefits that I got out of my credit card had saved me a lot of money! Besides, I bet you’ve heard of a lot of travelers who have managed to travel for ‘free’ by making full use of their credit cards, so why not grab the opportunity to gain the same?

With all these benefits in mind, certainly the next question would be: “How do I choose the credit card that would best fit my travel needs?”

Well, as a full-time traveler who regularly does international trips every now and then, I value the added benefits of attaining free travel insurance and the lowest forex conversion rate since it fulfills two of the most important factors of traveling: safety and value. Fortunately, there is a trusted credit card out there that can offer me these perks: the (Bank of the Philippine Islands’) BPI Credit Cards!

Why I Love BPI Credit Cards?

Other than the fact that it is packed with a LOT of traveler perks like the ones I just mentioned above, BPI Credit Cards can also answer a lot more of your travel needs given how it offers you the following additional exclusive benefits that would absolutely make the most out of your every trip:

  1. Lowest FOREX conversion rate: as you travel abroad, I bet that you have often experienced headaches whenever you’re dealing with high foreign exchange conversion fees. BUT, with BPI Credit Cards, your worries will be taken away since you will be assured of the lowest conversion rate of only 1.75%! This is the lowest among all surveyed Credit Card Association of the Philippines’ [CCAP] banks who charge as much as 3.525%
    To illustrate, if you purchase abroad and charge USD 1,500 using another bank’s credit card with a FOREX conversion rate of 3.525%, you can get charged as high as PHP 68,327 (computed at a sample exchange rate of USD 1 = PHP 44, plus 3.535%). But with BPI’s lowest FOREX conversion rate of 1.75%, you will only have to pay PHP 67,155. This therefore means that with BPI Credit Cards, you could save as much as PHP 1,172 for every USD 1,500 purchase!
  2. FREE comprehensive Travel Insurance: as a long-time traveler, I cannot stress enough how travel insurance is an absolute MUST since you could never know what could go wrong while you’re traveling in a foreign country. So imagine, if you can get one for FREE, then that’s less of a cost, and less of a hassle for you!
    With that in mind, when you charge your travel fares (including air, land, and water) with a qualified BPI Credit Card (Blue, Gold, SkyMiles, Corporate), you are automatically entitled to a free travel insurance with coverage from trip delays, loss of baggage, and other travel inconveniences. Your supplementary cardholder is covered too!
    And as you pay for these fares, remember that you can earn points that you can exchange for Mabuhay Miles, KrisFlyer Miles, Cebu Pacific GetGo Points, and AirAisa BIG Points. You can also enjoy freebies and discounts from BPI’s partner restaurants and hotels here and abroad.


It’s plain to see that owning a BPI Credit Card will maximize your travels given how it offers you complete convenience, practicality, and safety. So don’t miss out on this chance — travel with a BPI Credit Card today! It has helped me a lot in my travels, so I bet that it would help you too!

For more information see BPI’s website.

DISCLAIMER: » This post was made in partnership with Nuffnang and BPI. Rest assured and as always, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in.

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  1. I highly appreciate this. I really wanted always that I always have an option to protect it. I know a lot of BPI, indeed. So far, they're doing well and I want everybody to own a credit card which is very important wherever we go.


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