Best Rural Locations in the United Kingdom for a Luxury Break

Best Rural Locations in the United Kingdom for a Luxury Break

A luxury break is one that sets itself apart from a regular holiday because it allows you to completely relax in unrivalled comfort as you fully unwind from your usual daily life. Nowadays, there are massive range of luxury holidays you can take in destinations across the world, whether it be a city break or a remote island — and it’s about time that you should try and enjoy it too.

So while there are a fantastic number of exotic luxury destinations across the globe, there are also a great range of locations right in the UK that offer the opportunity to enjoy a truly special luxury break; but instead of focusing on the cities, we look at some of the best rural locations in the UK.

Best Rural Locations in the UK for a Luxury Break

» Cornwall «


A firm favourite with holiday makers of all types, Cornwall is an extremely popular destination for family holidays. That being said, in recent years it has also become well known as a luxury destination. A surge in luxury hotels and other accommodation, such as luxury holiday cottages like those that can be found on, combined with the increase in spas and high-end restaurants in towns like Padstow, has seen Cornwall put itself on the map as a top luxury destination.

» Devon «


As with Cornwall, Devon similarly has seen a rise in popularity as a luxury destination. Locations along both the north and south coast have grown into more than just family seaside holiday spots. Local restaurants and accommodation have even evolved with some offering luxurious stays. A number of high-end glamping and shepherd huts can also be found across the country, allowing you to enjoy your home comforts while still connecting with nature.

» Isle of Skye «

Isle of Skye

Probably the most remote destination on the list, a luxury holiday on the Isle of Skye combines a luxurious stay with peaceful surroundings. While it’s unreasonable to expect 12 room modern glass houses with a swimming pool and 50inch TV’s in every room, you can expect a different kind of luxury. Well-equipped shepherd huts lying on open moorland are the main feature here, with a few gems dotted around the island, allowing you to enjoy an alternative luxury stay.

» Northumberland «


In towns like Alnwick and Bamburgh, both in great locations in this stunning county, you’ll fine more and more luxury accommodations, as well as upmarket restaurants. Northumberland’s rural-esque location makes it also ideal for exploring the British countryside, not to mention the beautiful coast that can be found in this county. With more luxury accommodation becoming available too, Northumberland can be a good destination for enjoying a luxury break.

» Norfolk «


Norfolk Coast Area of Natural Beauty is the pick of the destinations in this wonderful East of England county. To start off, there is a fantastic selection of luxury retreats throughout Norfolk allowing you to relax and unwind surrounded by lovely countryside and a glorious coastline. Holiday cottages with swimming pools and hot tubs are commonly found, not to mention luxury hotels in towns and cities dotted around the county. Close to large towns and cities in the not too distant, Norfolk is a great option for a luxury break.

Overall, there are a great range of rural locations throughout the UK to enjoy a luxury retreat, and these are just a handful of them. From luxurious accommodation to upmarket restaurants and spas, these rural destinations can provide you with the luxury break. After all, there is no better to escape and enjoy the best natural beauty the UK has to offer than on a luxury holiday.

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