Best Hotels in Tokyo, Japan (Per District): Cheap to Luxury Accommodations and Places to Stay

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Japan is undeniably one of the most sought-after destinations in the world — however, the fact remains that it is not only relatively expensive but also vast. Rest assured, if the country’s capital is high up on your travel bucket list, I will help show you the best value-for-money hostels and hotels in Tokyo with this post. (Best Hotels in Tokyo)

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Best Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo has an area of over 2,000+ km2 and in this, there are 23 vast wards! With this in mind, the metropolis is absolutely humongous — but even so, there technically isn’t a ‘true center’ nor is there a specific neighborhood that tops the rest because the truth of the matter is: Tokyo’s top attractions are spread out all over the city.

Nevertheless, the way I see it, Shinjuku and Shibuya are the best areas to base yourself in if you ever find yourself in this vibrant urban setting due to the number of key places and shops that surround it. But of course, this isn’t to say that the other areas are not ideal, because they can be as dependent on your preference and budget.

For instance, Roppongi is great for nightlife, Asakusa is ideal for souvenir shopping, Ginza is best for luxury boutiques, Odaiba is good if you want to be close to Disneyland or DisneySea, and so on.

ANOTHER TIP: It’s always best to pick a hotel that’s near a major train station like Tokyo Station for your ease of traveling around the city.

To help save you time, below are the best hotels in Tokyo — per district — from cheap to luxury picks!

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» Shinjuku «

 As a major city center, Shinjuku has the busiest train station in the world (Shinjuku Station), it houses the administration center for the Tokyo government, and holds a plethora of amazing things to do in Tokyo.

BUDGET: Imano Tokyo Hostel

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Located just 10 minutes away from Shinjuku is this cozy hostel that is not only clean but comfortable with enough amenities.

To love: Affordability | Landmark: Shinjuku Golden Gai | Price starts from: $25~

MID-RANGE: Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

This is one of the best hotels in Tokyo that are great for stays with families and/or friends due to the rooms being equipped with kitchenettes.

To love: Good value | Landmark: Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station | Price starts from: $70~

LUXURY: Park Hyatt Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

There is a lot to enjoy in this luxury hotel: from the 52nd floor’s restaurant with spectacular skyline views up to its ambient massage area and sauna — as well as its wide swimming pool.

To love: Well-appointed amenities | Landmark: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building | Price starts from: $400~

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» Ginza «

Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

BUDGET: Imano Tokyo Ginza Hostel

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

This is a great hostel in Tokyo that values the comfort of its guests and then adding great privacy add-ons.

To love: Cozy atmosphere | Landmark: Tsukiji Station | Price starts from: $15~

MID-RANGE: Hotel Sunroute Ginza

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

This is one of the great value hotels in Tokyo and all of its rooms are furnished with great furniture and extras. A great nearby attraction is Tsukiji Fish Market!

To love: Great location | Landmark: Kabukiza Theater | Price starts from: $50~

LUXURY: Imperial Hotel Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

This is a prestigious hotel that offers first-class hospitality and it is well-known not only for that but so much more in terms of amenities, dining options, location, etc.

To love: Amenities | Landmark: Takarazuka Theatre | Price starts from: $400~

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» Shibuya & Harajuku «

Shibuya is referred to as a major nightlife area but it’s also a major shopping and entertainment venue especially because of its strong youth presence towards fashion and culture.

Whereas Harajuku is famed for its fashion scene, quirky culture, cosplay shops, and so much more!

BUDGET: Almond Hostel & Cafe

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Enjoy great facilities and warm service when you stay in this quaint hostel with great amenities.

To love: Affordability | Landmark: Yoyogi Koen Station | Price starts from: $20~

MID-RANGE: Shibuya Granbell Hotel

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

You will love the close proximity of this hotel to Shibuya station, not to mention the spacious and well-designed rooms that they have.

To love: Prime location | Landmark: Shibuya Station | Price starts from: $55~

LUXURY: The Westin Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Offering grand views over the city, this is one of the hotels in Tokyo that are strategically located in a tourist attraction area.

To love: Luxurious rooms | Landmark: Ebisu Station | Price starts from: $340~

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» Asakusa «

Asakusa is said to be the center of Tokyo’s shitamachi (“low city”) — which means that it’s an ‘olden’ district where you can get a feel of how Tokyo was in the past decades.

BUDGET: Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

This homey hostel is a perfect base in the Asakusa area and it’s even just a few minutes away from the Kaminarimon Gate.

To love: Unbeatable price | Landmark: Kaminarimon | Price starts from: $20~

MID-RANGE: Asakusa View Hotel

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

This accommodation has a fascinating art deco style with modern rooms that are highly equipped with the latest tech and the best design.

To love: Great value | Landmark: Sensoji Temple | Price starts from: $60~

LUXURY: The Gate Hotel Asakusa

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Not only will its location be amazing but the rooms, the amenities, the food, and everything else are worth the price and more.

To love: Luxurious ambiance | Landmark: Kaminarimon | Price starts from: $90~

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» Akihabara «

Dubbed as the otaku cultural center and tech shopping district of Japan, walking through Akihabara’s main street called Chuo-dori will already give you an idea of what this district is all about.

BUDGET: Grids Tokyo Akihabara

» BEST price Agoda,, HostelWorld

Offering easy access to many amazing areas, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this amazing hostel.

To love: Great value | Landmark: Yodobashi Camera Akihabara | Price starts from: $40~

MID-RANGE: Hotel Niwa Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Featuring a Japanese traditional design, this is one of the best hotels in Tokyo that will make your stay as comfortable as possible without hurting your budget too much.

To love: Affordability | Landmark: Tokyo Dome City Attractions | Price starts from: $70~

LUXURY: Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Also featuring traditional Japanese aesthetics, this accommodation takes it a step further with its luxurious amenities and great dining options.

To love: Luxurious amenities | Landmark: Ochanomizu Station | Price starts from: $400~

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» Roppongi «

This is another lively entertainment district in Tokyo where locals and tourists mix in buzzing bars and clubs.

BUDGET: The Wardrobe Hostel Roppongi

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

This is a great value hostel in Tokyo that’s located in the heart of Roppongi, it may just be 2 stars but its modern amenities will make you think that it’s more than that.

To love: Modern ambience | Landmark: Roppongi Station | Price starts from: $25~

MID-RANGE: Hotel Risveglio Akasaka

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Found in a great neighborhood, the rooms in this hotel are well designed and there is even an abundant number of great places to eat.

To love: Great value | Landmark: Akasaka Mitsuke Station | Price starts from: $40~

LUXURY: The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Towering above Tokyo’s vibrant streets is this luxurious hotel that boasts a wide array of amenities and spacious rooms.

To love: 5-class amenities & services | Landmark: Roppongi Station | Price starts from: $500~

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» Odaiba & Marunouchi «

Odaiba is a man-made island that functions as a futuristic business and residential area. It is also the area that leads towards Disneyland and DisneySea. Meanwhile, Chiyoda’s Marunouchi is within the political center of Tokyo.

TIP: If you want to stay really close to Disneyland and DisneySea, you can stay in these hotels that are near OR within the theme park…
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

BUDGET: Kaisu Hostel

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

This is a ryotei or traditional Japanese restaurant with performing geishas. Nowadays, it’s a modern hostel with a cafe and bar.

To love: Affordability | Landmark: Akasaka Station | Price starts from: $25~

MID-RANGE: Park Hotel Tokyo

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

I absolutely loved staying in this hotel especially because they have individually designed rooms decorated by Japanese artists.

To love: Great location | Landmark: Shimbashi Station | Price starts from: $200~

LUXURY: Four Seasons Hotel

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

This has been nominated as one of the top hotels in Tokyo and in all of Japan and for good reason. Nothing says luxury more than the Four Seasons after all!

To love: Great location and luxurious amenities | Landmark: Tokyo Station | Price starts from: $430~

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Best Hotels in Tokyo, Japan (Per District)


With a bustling city like Tokyo, it’s a given that it will be packed with tons of amazing accommodation choices — HOWEVER, there are only a select few that can bring you the best value for your money and time.

So hopefully with this list, I can help you make an informed decision for your upcoming staycation. Enjoy!

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