Best Hotels in Brussels, Belgium: Cheap & Luxury Accommodations

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Given that I have set Belgium as my current home base, it can’t be helped that a lot of you guys are asking me about the best hotels in Brussels, the so-called heart of Europe. And well, after hundreds of e-mails, I think that it’s high time that I simply compile it all in one place for everyone’s ease!

So whatever kind of traveler you may be — no matter if you’re into luxury or budget travel — when it’s time to think of a place to sleep, here is a list of the top best accommodations in Brussels that I highly recommend!

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NOTE: Below, when I say ‘distance from the city center’, I am referring to the distance between the hotel and Brussels’ Grand Place which is somehow the center of it all.

Best Hotels in Brussels, Belgium: Cheap & Luxury Accommodations
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» Boutique & Design

Hotel Bloom
1. Hotel Bloom! ($100~)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Aimed at travelers who are looking for one of the best hotels in Brussels that’s a stylish stay, Hotel Bloom has 287 rooms that are individually designed by young artists. So every nook and cranny in this establishment is an absolutely eye-candy!

I LOVE: That you’re free to choose a designed room that you like
Address: Rue Royale 250, Sint-Joost-ten-Node
Distance from city center: 2 km, easily reached in 15 min by tram

Pantone Hotel
2. The Pantone Hotel ($150~)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

For people who are in love with color and design, Pantone Hotel is the accommodation for you! With bright splashes of color in every space available, you’re bound to take a lot of Instagram-worthy photos here!

I LOVE: Their Pantone-inspired cocktails!
: 1 Place Loix, Sint-Gillis / Saint-Gilles
Distance from city center: 2.5 km, easily reached in 18 min by tram


Pentahotel Brussels
3. Pentahotel ($150~)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

This hotel gives me a feeling as if I’ve stepped into a swanky club or bar (especially with the area around their Pentalounge), and it’s just absolutely amazing! Their rooms are up to the high standard as well, and it will surely be a joy to stay here.

I LOVE: How you can enjoy new films in your room for FREE!
: Chaussee de Charleroi 38, Sint-Gillis / Saint-Gilles
Distance from city center: 2.5 km, easily reached in 18 min by tram


Hotel des Galeries
4. Hotel des Galeries ($200~)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Placed at a central location in Brussels, Hotel des Galeries is packed with modern rooms and contemporary furniture. To add, this hotel is a foodie’s haven since their chef is awarded with a Michelin star! How’s that for one of the best hotels in Brussels? Awesome, right!

I LOVE: That it’s just right above the Galeries Saint-Hubert
: Rue des Bouchers 38
Distance from city center: 200 m, easily reached by foot


The Dominican
5. The Dominican ($250~)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Clad in hues of black and orange, the Dominican Hotel is warmly-decorated; thereby making you feel right at home! And after staying here for several times, their Grand Lounge becomes a very lively place come at night as the locals flock over for a drink.

I LOVE: How it’s centrally-located
: Rue Léopold 9
Distance from city center: 400 m, easily reached by foot


» 5-Star

Best Hotels in Brussels
1. Steigenberger Wiltcher’s ($200)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

As a name that stands as one of the top-class European hotels, Steigenberger Wiltcher’s is conveniently located in the elegant Avenue Louise, a golden shopping area in the Ixelles district. I have stayed here before and I can truly recommend this as one of the best hotels in Brussels.

I LOVE: Their Loui Bar which is one of the best bars in the city
: Avenue Louise 71, 1050
Distance from city center: 2.7 km, easily reached in 15 min by tram


Be Manos
2. Be Manos Hotel ($200)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Featuring boutique-styled rooms, Be Manos has an amazing rooftop terrace and cocktail bar on top of their classy rooms and spa facilities.

I LOVE: The overall modern and sleek look of the hotel
: Square De L’aviation 23-27, Anderlecht
Distance from city center: 2.5 km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


Hotel Le Plaza
3. Hotel Le Plaza ($200)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Le Plaza is the height of luxury with its lush tapestries and French themes. One curious feature of this hotel is their Moorish-style theater which is worth checking out as it’s apparently a historical heritage.

I LOVE: Their lobby; it’s probably the grandest in the city!
: Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126
Distance from city center: 1 km, easily reached in 9 min by tram


Stanhope Hotel
4. Stanhope Hotel ($200)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Be transported to a royal English mansion with Stanhope! Pair it off with a hearty dinner in their Brighton Restaurant that has been awarded 3 forks from the Michelin Guide and you’ll have the ultimate stay.

I LOVE: Their serene courtyard
: Rue du Commerce 9
Distance from city center: 2.3 km, easily reached in 11 min by tram


Hotel Amigo
5. Hotel Amigo ($250)
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Hotel Amigo is the top-rated luxury hotel in Brussels, not only because of its elegant features but also because of its prime location. Because of that, it’s often a norm here to see Europe’s national leaders.

I LOVE: Their good mix of old and new design elements
: Rue de l’Amigo 1-3
Distance from city center: 100 m, easily reached by foot


» Hotels Under $100

Made in Louise
1. Made in Louise
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

This is a beautiful 18th century townhouse that is run by a family. Now, they may not be a big chain, but their hotel is very well-maintained and well-decorated.

I LOVE: Their service as they’re very friendly!
: Rue Veydt 40, Elsene / Ixelles
Distance from city center: 3 km, easily reached in 18 min by tram


FunKey Hotel
2. FunKey Hotel
Book here for the BEST hotel deal: FunKey

The word ‘fun’ is in the name of their hotel for a reason, and that’s exactly because their establishment is injected with a lot interesting elements and colors!

I LOVE: Their vibrant vibe
: 116 Rue Artan
Distance from city center: 3.8 km, easily reached in 20 min by tram


Motel One
3. Motel One
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Motel One is hip German budget hotel; but despite its low price point, their ambiance exudes a lot of style so you’ll definitely be getting the most out of your money when you stay here.

I LOVE: Their huge lobby and back garden
: Rue Royale 120
Distance from city center: 900 m, easily reached by foot


Aloft Schuman
4. Aloft Brussels Schuman EU Hotel
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Aloft has a hip ambiance through and through, and I love how their rooms have high ceilings and extra-large windows. With its features, it definitely deserves a spot in this list of best hotels in Brussels.

I LOVE: Their Thursday nights since they host a DJ for their bar on that day
Address: Place Jean Rey
Distance from city center: 2km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


Hotel Noga
5. Hotel Noga
Book here for the BEST hotel deal:

Live like a sailor in Hotel Noga with its quirky marine-themed ambiance! For when you want to unwind, they have a play room that has a pool table and several board games.

I LOVE: Their extremely friendly and helpful staff
Address: Du Béguinage 38
Distance from city center: 1km, easily reached in 8 min by tram


» Hostels

Hello Hostels
1. Hello Hostel ($15~)
Book here for the BEST hostel deal:

Your budget may be low but Hello Hostel’s quality is not! They have an amazing bar area, work section (with WiFi, perfect for traveling digital nomads), and for sure, they will attend to your every need!

Address: Rue de l’Armistice 1
Distance from city center: 5 km, easily reached in 5 min by subway


2GO4 Quality Hostel
2. Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel ($20~)
Book here for the BEST hostel deal:

Smacked right in the city center, this hostel has the maximum comfort and style for budget travelers! I guarantee you that you will love the overall ambiance in this hostel.

Address: Emile Jacqmainlaan 99
Distance from city center: 1 km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


Brussels Hostel Grand Place
3. Brussels Hostel Grand Place ($20~)
Book here for the BEST hostel deal:

This hostel is proud of its prime location, and it’s true as it is near the Grand Place. Naturally, it follows that it’s also near to a lot of good restaurants, pubs, and shops!

Address: Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 99
Distance from city center: 1 km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


Sleep Well Youth Hostel
4. Sleep Well Youth Hostel ($25~)
Book here for the BEST hostel deal:

A lot of my traveler friends have stayed here and they love its ideal location and its amazing complimentary breakfast. Other than that, Sleep Well has a great play room and they have even been awarded for being an ecological establishment.

Address: 23 rue Damier
Distance from city center: 1 km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


Sleephere Hostel
5. Sleephere ($30~)
Book here for the BEST hostel deal:

This is the highest-rated hostel in Brussels and it’s not hard to see why! A lot of backpackers have applauded the staff here for being absolutely helpful and friendly, add the fact that they felt right at home within the confines of this artfully-decorated hostel.

Address: 8 quai à la Chaux
Distance from city center: 1 km, easily reached in 10 min by tram


[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”23″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”around” animate=”” ]Overall[/box_title]

Brussels may be packed with tons of amazing accommodation choices but there are only a select few can bring you the best value for money! So hopefully with this list of best hotels in Brussels, I can help you make an informed decision for your upcoming stay in this dynamic metropolis.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on this article are affiliate links. This means that if you book, I will then receive a small commission that is at NO extra cost to you. Still and the same, I only recommend hotels that I have personally stayed in or believe in.

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  • What other hotels in Brussels or hostels can you recommend?
  • Have you stayed in one of these hotels in Brussels, how was your experience?

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  1. Tyra

    Every single one of these hotels looks absolutely stunning! Even the hostels look amazing. I love the design and function. I am going to bear these options in mind when I make it to Brussels.

  2. Margarita Ibbott (@DownshiftingPRO)

    I hope to be going to Belgium in the next 18 months so I appreciate this list. I love that you also included hostels too. I’ll be checking them out for sure.

    • Aileen

      Glad to be of help! Safe travels :)

  3. Emma Spellman

    Wow I can’t believe how affordable these places are to stay. We will definitely have to plan a vacation there soon. Even the ones under 100 are amazing.

    • Aileen

      There really are a lot of affordable yet great finds in Brussels. :D

  4. Winter

    Where can I buy my ticket to Belgium cause these prices are incredible! What’s even better is that the hotels are beautiful! Even the hostels are nice. What’s the catch here? LOL

    • Aileen

      Haha! No catch really, just really great finds!

  5. Felicita Moncada

    All the hotels look amazing. They all have some kind of innovative factor. I would be definitely looking for a hotel in the mid-range if I ever go to Brussels. It is definitely in my places to visit one day. Such a unique culture that i would love to experience first hand!

    • Aileen

      Indeed they do; I guess it’s in part of how they want to give something unique to their guests as well. So yeah, hope you get to be in Brussels someday!


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