How You Can Travel the World as a Student/Graduate with AXA’s Great Global Adventure

How You Can Travel the World as a Student/Graduate with AXA’s Great Global Adventure

Are you a student who’s at least 18 years of age? Or have you just recently graduated from university within the last 2 years? If your answer is “YES” to any of these two questions, then let me ask you this next: do you dream of the opportunity to travel the world, whilst at the same time gaining valuable (paid!) work experience and the chance to volunteer with some rewarding community projects?

Then read on…

AXA’s Great Global Adventure

The Great Global Adventure is an amazing competition for any student or recent graduate who wants to see the world and learn along the way. This annual competition is brought to you by AXA, a leading global company in insurance and asset management. (And it will be open WORLDWIDE! Awesome, right?)

Not only does AXA pay most of the travel and living costs for up to 8 months, they have also organised for the lucky winner to complete two paid internships at AXA offices across the world — which is great for the resume! Plus, the winner gets the chance to complete a valuable voluntary experience with one of AXA’s Corporate Responsibility partners.

And the best part? AXA will shape the prize around your personal interests, meaning that you get to choose the amazing destinations that you would want to travel to the most!

Great Global Adventure 2015 Winner: William Moore’s Dream Trip

One lucky guy who is already making his travel dreams come true is William Moore from England, the winner of the AXA Great Global Adventure 2015. His trip has been customized to his preferences and he’s been jetsetting for almost five months now!

He has been able to explore a significant amount of Asia, including:

  • Hong Kong ­
  • China
  • Mongolia

He`s currently in Indonesia and then soon after that, he’s setting off to South America, where he will be able to ­see such sights as:

  • Machu Picchu
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Easter Island
  • The rainforests

The world is surely his oyster and William is taking full advantage of what AXA has offered him — and this includes two six­-week paid internships at his choice of locations around the globe. Most of his hotel stays and travels have been funded and he has used some of the money from his paid internships to go off the grid and do some additional sightseeing.

He’s also looking forward to the Indonesia Community Project, which is done in part with Prestasi Junior Indonesia, a member organization of Junior Achievement and one of AXA’s CR partners.

Check out William’s incredible journey so far on his Instagram page.


How You Can Be a Part of the Great Global Adventure 2016

It’s simple. Just register your interest on the AXA website here and you’ll get an email when the Great Global Adventure 2016 re­-opens this February 2016.

…Be ready for stiff competition, but it’s well worth it!

DISCLAIMER: This was made in partnership with AXA; nevertheless, all opinions are my own.

How about you?

  • Where would you choose to visit if you were AXA’s next winner?
  • Do you like William’s itinerary, or would you choose other destinations?
  • Tell us what your dream trip would be in the comments section below!

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  1. Hey, you have a knack of writing. :)

    1. Aw, thanks. I appreciate that!

  2. Interesting, how do you compete in this?

    1. Kindly read the last part of the article. It will direct you to a link where you can sign up and be notified once the competition begins. They will inform you of all the conditions/rules by then. Good luck!

  3. hi I have a question, I'm Brazilian and I'm still learning how to speak English, intermediate level now.
    it could be a problem to join the Global Adventure 2016?

    1. I don't think it will be a problem; just to be sure, feel free to contact AXA if you have any further questions. Good luck Rael!

  4. William's itinerary is great but I were to choose, I'd go for Japan any time of the day! China is a must visit too! How I wish!

    1. Haha me too! I love Japan but I guess he really wanted to visit those countries :D

  5. I wish I was 18 and finishing school. I am in my late 30's with two toddlers, but I think this is an awesome experience for anyone that loves to travel and is able to go. I actually won a trip to Florida and I had to turn it down and pick another prize because I couldn't take my kids.

    1. I wish so too! This is such an amazing opportunity. And I'm sorry to hear that but I bet in the future you'll find a way ;) Here's to more travel opportunities. *cheers*


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