Australia Facts & Trivia: 10 Things Foreigners Should Know

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Australia is one of those places that I have been aiming to visit for years. I’m still ironing out my travel plans in order to make this goal happen thought; but that aside, when Laura contacted me about how she wanted to talk about the country here on the blog, I immediately said yes! (Australia Facts)

After all, the least that I can do for now is to learn more about this amazing destination that is famed for its natural and cityscapes — and what better way than to hear it from a local, right?

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My name is Laura Fairbourn and I am an Australian traveler, volunteer, blogger, and writer who loves to explore the world.

I love to travel slowly, with a focus on responsible tourism, so that I can immerse myself in the communities I visit. I am currently living in Guatemala City, struggling to learn Spanish, and volunteering at a rescue shelter for victims of sexual violence and trafficking. In addition to freelance writing, I manage Grassroots Nomad, a blog with a focus on responsible tourism and volunteering.

My home country. Known for its picture-perfect beaches, Croc Dundee and Kylie Minogue, Australia has become the dream travel destination for adventurous spirits around the world.

But is there more to Australia than beaches and beers? Here are the top 10 things that you should know about Australia before you pack your swimmers and head to the Outback!

Australia Facts & Trivia

1. Not all Australian animals are deadly

Rottnest Island: Smiling Quokka
…but that smile can be quite deadly :P

Yes, we might have some of the most deadly animals in the world but your chance of seeing most of these animals is very slim.

Great White Sharks, for example, have a very bad reputation but they are responsible for on average one death per year. More people die each year from cats!

2. …But some animals are

Kangaroo Beach

From sharks to snakes, and koalas to kangaroos, Australia has it all. But what visitors might not know is that some of our Aussie icons can really pack a punch!

There are on average 30 animal-related deaths each year in Australia, with the kangaroo as the fourth most deadly.

They aren’t called boxing kangaroos by mistake!

3. We speak English… but in our own way

Australia Facts

Australians have a shorter way to say everything and we love nicknames. Once you land in Australia. you will hear sentences like: ‘Howyagaan mate? I’ll just pop past the bottle-o to get some stubbies for the barbie this arvo then we will be sweet as!’

Translation: ‘How are you, my friend? I will go to the liquor store and buy some beers before the barbeque this afternoon and then we will be ready!’

4. Australia is BIG, really big!

Australian Outback

I’ve heard a surprising amount of tourists in Sydney say they are going to drive to Cairns for the weekend. Well, prepare yourself for a long drive, because it takes about 27 hours to drive there and 3 hours to fly. Want to see Perth?

Well, that is even further – a 5-hour flight or a leisurely 40 hour drive through the desert. When you are planning your trip, make sure you factor in travel time!

5. Sydney and Melbourne are a food lover’s paradise

Sydney, Australia

Thanks to our wonderful immigrant culture, Sydney and Melbourne are known for their incredible food choices.

By visiting a different suburb each day, you will be able to eat your way around the globe – Italian coffee for breakfast, Thai for lunch, Lebanese for dinner, and Indian mango lassi for dessert.

6. Some people live underground to avoid the heat

Flinders Ranges

In Coober Pedy, many locals have built homes underground to avoid the scorching daytime temperatures. The town is responsible for most of the world’s gem-quality opals, and many homes have been built in converted mines!

Fancy a game of golf? To avoid the heat, locals play at night on a course completely free of grass. Instead, they take a bit of turf with them to tee off with their glow-in-the-dark golf ball.

7. Aboriginal history is rich and long

Australia Facts: Aboriginal People

Aboriginal Australians are the longest continuously living culture on the planet dating back between 40,000 and 60,000 years.

Aboriginal spirituality, “Dreaming”, is linked to the land and tells stories of the creation process and the spirits of ancient ancestors.

8. You can study on air!

Airplane Entertainment

Some kids live in communities that are so remote that it is impossible for them to attend a conventional school.

Instead, students are taught by high frequency radios and meet up once a year for a sports carnival.

9. Australians love the great outdoors

Grand Pacific Drive

Whether it is hiking, swimming, playing sport or just hanging out at the beach, Australian’s love to get outside to enjoy ourselves.

And with scenery as spectacular as the Kimberleys, the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island and pretty much any beach along our 26,000km coastline, it isn’t hard to see why!

10. There is no place like Australia!

Twelve Apostles

No matter how many places I visit, or how long I stay away, there really is no place like home. You will find Australia to be a welcoming and exciting place to visit filled with laidback locals who are always keen for a barbie (BBQ) and a cider. So maybe it is time to pack your swimmers and sunnies and book your trip!

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Australia Facts


If you’re a local like Laura, do you agree with the Australia facts that she wrote about the country? Maybe you have something to add too?

Nevertheless, these facts have surely hyped me up even more about the prospect of visiting Australia! I dearly hope that I make it happen soon.

• • •

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  1. Cory Lee

    I visited Sydney and Melbourne a couple years ago and it’s one of my favorite trips ever. So much beauty in Australia and I’m itching to go back. These facts were really fun to learn about also. I never thought that a kangaroo was deadly, but I guess they could be…

    • Aileen

      Yeah, I did read an article once about how their punch can be REALLY strong. I hope I get to visit Australia soon!

  2. Melissa Jones

    I love the outdoorsy lifestyle that Australians have, I’m jealous as it is mostly raining here in the UK! The Aboriginal side of Australia’s history I’d love to explore too, I find it fascinating. Amazing fact about the Kangaroos! They look so cute but they’re actually a killer! :O

    • Aileen

      I felt the same back when I was living in Belgium for almost 2 years! Haha. Much like you I’m intrigued about the Aboriginal Hitory as well. Hope we both get to visit this country soon!

  3. Leah

    What a cool series! I’ve not been to Australia, but have several Australian friends. I’m from Texas and like the Aussies, we have our own way of speaking. When we get together, sometimes I wonder if we’re all speaking English. It’s quite funny, really.

    • Aileen

      Now that’s a kind of ‘get-together’ that I would love to witness! :))

  4. Arzo Travels

    I have been to PZ 3 times and lived there for 1 year. I had to laugh about some facts – especially about their way of speaking English….Yes, very different :)

    • Aileen

      I’ve met some Aussie people myself and most of the time, I don’t think they’re speaking English at all hahaha :))

  5. Drew

    I keep thinking that it would be most fun to do some kind of fantastic Australian road trip. I mean, I’m from the US, also a huge place. But I frequently have Aussie friends telling me to forget it – it’s just too big and so little going on ‘in the middle’ that I should road trip in different areas rather than all the way across. I still think it would be so much fun…

    • Aileen

      Ooooh, now that’s something I didn’t know — that the middle doesn’t have much. Which then makes sense about going to different areas rather than across. But then again, I also know what you mean! Anything can be an adventure ;)


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