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Explore Europe’s Best Christmas Markets with AmaWaterways’ River Cruises

Christmas season may still be months away; but at this point in time, I bet that you are already drafting up plans as you try to come up with a great holiday getaway. If you were to ask me for my input, I would tell you as early as now that Christmas is simply NOT complete without a trip to Europe’s festive Christmas markets; hence, I do regard it as a top must-do for the season. But in order to put a nice lovely twist to it, why not do a scenic river cruise as you hop from one European Christmas market to the next…? It would absolutely be a magical experience that you’ll forever remember — I guarantee you that! Now, if there’s one provider that you can trust that will give you the best cruise voyage at unbeatable prices, then that would be AmaWaterways!

Why do I recommend them, you ask? Well, I can give you my top 3 reasons as to why:

  1. You’ll achieve an easy and comfortable getaway in a “floating hotel”. Choosing to do a river cruise with AmaWaterways will give you an itinerary that already encompasses different cities and countries without the hassle of doing numerous packing + unpacking processes and doing check in + check out sprees in various hotels. After all, the ship will already serve as a luxury hotel (if not a mini little town) that accommodates you and travels with you in order to ensure your overall ease.
  2. You’ll receive premium views, premium personalized service, and premium onboard environment. Having been in service for over 14 years, AmaWaterways knows the best scenic waterways to take you through! During the course of your journey, you will even get to enjoy all the wonderful scenes while experiencing their 5-star service and amenities. It also helps to note that every AmaWaterways ship allows no more than 164 passengers and this is due to the fact that they want to ensure a more personalized experience for each and every guest on board.
  3. You’ll be getting your money’s worth (and more!) This is not only because of the ship’s overall features and service, but also because of how the price already includes a lot of other awesome extras: shore activities and excursions, bike rentals, guided tours, meals with free-flowing wines, free internet access, and live cultural entertainment onboard!

Are you excited yet…? Because I absolutely am!

In order to jumpstart your upcoming holiday river cruising, below are the 3 amazing Christmas cruises offered by AmaWaterways.

AmaWaterways Christmas Cruises

» Magnificent Europe (Christmas Cruise)


Duration: 15 days from Budapest to Amsterdam

Rough Itinerary: 

  • 2 Days in Budapest, Hungary – with welcome dinner, Christmas markets, city tour and an “Illuminations Cruise” as you sail along Budapest’s riverfront
  • 1 Day in Vienna, Austria – with city tour and Christmas markets
  • 1 Day in Melk, Austria – with a tour of the Benedictine Abbey
  • 1 Day in Passau, Germany – with walking tour, a Passau bike tour or Passau Castle hike
  • 1 Day in Regensburg, Germany – with city tour and Christmas markets
  • 2 Days in Nuremberg, Germany – with route through Main-Danube canal, walking tour, Christmas markets and a Munich Excursion
  • 1 Day in Bamberg, Germany – with walking tour and smoked beer tasting
  • 1 Day in Kitzingen and Wurzburg, Germany – with walking city tours, wine tasting, and Residenz Palace tour
  • 1 Day in Wertheim to Miltenberg, Germany – with walking tours
  • 1 Day in Rüdesheim to Koblenz, Germany – with mini train ride, evening walk and Siegfried’s Music Museum visit
  • 1 Day in Cologne, Germany – with walking tour and Cathedral visit
  • 2 Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands – with canal cruise and city tour

More Info: Go to Magnificent Europe (Christmas Cruise)

Ship: AmaSonata, a 164-passenger vessel with exclusive Twin Balconies, choices of dining venues, a heated pool with swim-up bar, and more.

» Christmas Markets on the Rhine

River Cruising

Duration: 12 days from Amsterdam to Zürich (or reverse)

Rough Itinerary: 

  • 2 Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands – with welcome dinner, canal cruise, and city tour
  • 1 Day in Cologne, Germany – with city tour, Christmas markets, and Cathedral visit
  • 1 Day in Rudesheim, Germany – with Christmas markets and Seigfried’s Music Museum
  • 1 Day in Speyer, Germany – with city tour or half day trip to Heidelberg, Germany
  • 1 Day in Strasbourg, Germany – with Christmas markets and walking tour
  • 1 Day in Breisach, Germany – with Riquewihr walking tour or Breisach & Freiburg excursion
  • 3 Days in Lucerne, Switzerland – arrive in Basel and then proceed to Lucerne with walking tour, Christmas markets, optional Swiss Mountain tour, and lake cruise
  • 2 Days in Zurich, Switzerland – with walking tour and Christmas markets

More Info: Go to Christmas Markets on the Rhine

Ship: 164 passenger ships AmaCerto or AmaPrima

» Christmas Markets on the Danube


Duration: 10 days from Prague to Budapest (or reverse)

Rough Itinerary: 

  • 3 Days in Prague, Czech Republic – with city tour and Christmas market
  • 1 Day in Nuremberg, Germany – with welcome dinner, Christmas market, city tour, and Main-Danube canal cruise
  • 1 Day in Regensburg, Germany – with walking tour and Thurn and Taxis Christmas market
  • 1 Day in Passau, Germany – with walking tour and Christmas market or Passau bike tour or Salzburg excursion
  • 1 Day in Melk, Austria – with Melk Benedictine Abbey tour or Danube bike tour, and Wachau Valley cruise
  • 1 Day in Vienna, Austria – with city tour and Christmas market or Hidden Vienna tour
  • 2 Days in Budapest, Hungary – with city tour, Christmas market, and Illuminations cruise

More Info: Go to Christmas Markets on the Danube

Ship: 164 passenger ships AmaSerena or AmaSonata, or 158 passenger ships AmaStella or AmaViola

ALERT! The two Christmas Cruises for the Danube and the Rhine are currently on a SPECIAL 40% off discount offer until August 31, 2016. See the details of these amazing deals here.




As the highest-rated river cruising provider in Europe, AmaWaterways is sure to bring you a memorable and stunning journey this Christmas! Otherwise, they surely have other kinds of cruises that you can try out other than during the holidays.

To date, they not only have wine and art-themed river cruises in Europe, but they have also other types of experiences (e.g. wilderness, romantic, etc.) all over the rest of Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Africa. So what are you waiting for…? Come and book your next getaway with AmaWaterways NOW!

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by AmaWaterways; still and the same, all opinions are as always: my own.

How about you?

  • What do you think of the river cruises provided by AmaWaterways?
  • Would you like to try them? Why or why not?
  • Or have you been with them before? How was it?

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  1. Would love to do one of these cruises. A great way to see the markets

    1. And an efficient and hassle-free one at that :D Because the cruise ship will be your own hotel-on-the-move

  2. Wow! That really sounds exciting especially for people like me who has not ever been to a cruise trip before. The itinerary looks so packed with places to go. What's the estimated budget for the entire tour per head?

    1. It absolutely is an interesting experience! I have included links per cruise so you'll be led to the price page. But for instance, Christmas Market on the Rhine is worth $2,799 (all things included) and if you buy before the end of this month, you can pay only $1,799 instead!

  3. It's really time to be thinking about Christmas plans! I'm just trying to get through the Back to School Season. A Christmas Cruise sounds like a fun time that the family will surely remember!

    1. True, the holidays are soon creeping in in a few months, so now's a good time to plan :D

  4. I have wanted to return to Europe since I was there as a teenager in the early 2000's! Adding in a river cruise and hitting some of the best Christmas Markets would just be the ultimate icing on the cake. I think I'll add this idea to my bucket list! One day I will make it happen! :)

    1. That's awesome to hear that you're interested, Jennifer! Hope you do make it happen — or better yet, take advantage of the promo they already have now so you can save a to and make it happen soon :D

  5. I would love to take a cruise with my family. It looks like fun to tour so many places. I haven't been on a cruise to tour different places. It would be awesome and new adventure for my family. I am going to look into these tours. Thanks!

    1. It will clearly be an amazing experience! Try this one out for this coming Christmas :D I bet you guys will love it. Enjoy!

      1. I've never taken a tour with so many amenities. I really think my family will enjoy. Thanks for the information about AmaWaterways:)


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