All About YOU: Letters from My Readers / Volume 2

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I will be featuring messages and photos from my readers (you guys!) in this ‘All About You’ or ‘Letters from my Readeres’ monthly series in order to spread out your stories of travel, perseverance, and success — stories that I have somehow been a part of.

True enough, doing travel blogging has been a really fulfilling thing because it has certainly become an effective medium for me to help and inspire people to reach their dreams.

You guys have been thanking me a lot, but do know that I am also thankful for each and everyone of you!

…Do you want to publicize your story too? Well then, if you have ever been inspired by a destination, hotel, activity, or trip that I wrote about, AND/OR if you have ever been inspired to travel or do anything because of my blog articles — come send me a message here along with a high-res landscape photo of yourself and a brief note regarding your journey or situation, and I would absolutely LOVE to include your story in this series!

To kick off the 2nd part of this series, let me present to you the following letters from 5 wonderful individuals!

All About You: Letters from my Readers

» Cathy Merrifield: A letter and photo from Mr. Kilimanjaro

Cathy Merrifield

I was inspired by you, Aileen, when I first visited your blog.

I wish when I was in my twenties, I had taken the chance to travel. Now in my 40’s with kids that are getting older, I am preparing to have my “one fine day”. The quote you shared on Facebook spoke to me and encourages me to know that I will achieve what I want soon: I will escape the working world one day and travel the world.

For now I travel when I can, last trip was a life changing experience hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Cathy is originally from the New England. You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» Maci Arms: A letter and photos from Civitavecchia, Italy

Maci Arms

As a professional dancer who travels often as part of my career, I was searching for a way that I could document my travels and experiences other than just posting my pictures on Facebook or Instagram. When I decided I wanted to start my own travel blog, I didn’t even know where to begin. I wasn’t too familiar with the blogging world anyways other than the couple of fashion blogs I would read; so I had a lot of catching up to do… that’s when I started doing a bit of research and found your blog, I am Aileen, and your post “How To Start Your Own Travel Blog From Scratch”.

Not only did your blog inspire me to want to create my own as soon as possible, but you helped me with the important things I would have never thought about, such as who to host my site with, creating email lists to create and keep up with subscribers, and even how to start promoting my blog to receive more traffic early. Your steps were easy to follow (especially for a complete beginner blogger like myself) but they were also detailed enough where everything I needed to know about setting up my site was answered. I had some concerns about the layout of your blog once, and you emailed me back quickly and kindly answered my questions.

Surely with your help, I have now launched my own travel blog, Via Maci {A Dancer’s Travel & Lifestyle Blog}. This blog will not only be used to update my readers on my travels, but it will also talk about what it’s like living and traveling as a professional dancer! I’m so excited to be starting this new adventure by taking on my own travel blog, but it would have never been possible without the inspiration and help I received from you, Aileen.

Maci is originally from the U.S. You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» Rich Perez: All about you from South Lake Tahoe, California

All About YOU: Letters from My Readers / Volume 2

Aileen, you write one of the most well-written and identifiable travel articles! Ever since I stumbled into your website, you got me bit by the travel bug.

Thank you and do keep doing what you do!

You can find Rich over at Twitter — @richjohnperez

» Myra Abad: A letter and photos from Vancouver, Canada

All About You: Myra Abad

Hey Aileen! By stumbling across your blog, you have inspired me to want to share my journeys.

I’ve always had a travel bug, but because I read your blog right before my 1 month trip to Europe, I was so much more excited to aspire for a life of travel! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the info and inspiration that you so selflessly provided.

I really look up to you and I hope that one day I can live a life similar to yours!

You can find Myra over at Twitter — @mymyabad

» Margareth Bambie: A letter and photos from the Philippines

All About You: Margareth Bambie

Aileen, you’re amazing and you inspired me to travel more!

Your travel guides and tips, down to your amazing captured travel photos — they are like a sweet addiction! Reading your great stuff gives me thousand of reasons to chase my wanderlust and that dreams really do come true!!!

I’m working in a nomadic manner too but I’ve never been this inspired to travel until I luckily stumbled on your awesome blog. I have learned so many things from you Aileen, and I am taking one step at a time to reaching my travel goal of seeing the world!

You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» Send me your letters!

I really love reading your letters and it always brings me joy to learn more about you guys. So again…

  • If you have ever been inspired by a destination, hotel, activity, or trip that I wrote about; and/or,
  • If you have ever been inspired to travel or do just about anything because of my blog articles

…come send me a message along with a high-res landscape photo of yourself and a brief note about your journey or situation. For sure, I would absolutely LOVE to include your piece in this ‘All About You’ series and tell your story to the world. I look forward to your emails!

• • •

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  1. Susan Quackenbush

    I absolutely love the idea behind this post! Taking the time to share letters and stories from your readers is such an incredible thing to offer, I may have to steal this idea in some form or another! ;) Thank you for sharing all the wonderful stories and pictures!

    • Aileen

      Haha no problem ;) I got this idea from another blogger too!

  2. Cathy

    Thank you for the feature! May we all have our one fine day!

    • Aileen

      Thank you as well for letting me share your letter. All the best!

  3. Donna Ward

    Very cool! Congratulations on what you’re achieving and how you’re inspiring others – truly amazing to see these great stories and photos from us your readers.

    • Aileen

      Thank you! I value my readers a lot, that’s for sure! :)

  4. Danielle Des

    So happy to see how sucessful your series has grown and how inspiring and influentail you are!

    • Aileen

      It’s all thanks to the people who supported me — my readers! So that’s why I made this series so they can be heard as well :)

  5. Tammilee Tips

    I love this!!! We are so blessed to have the chance to travel as much as we do and it is always so much fun to see where other travel bloggers are traveling too. So much fun to hear the adventure, sometimes they can inspire me to take a new adventure I never would have though of.

    • Aileen

      I agree! Some of them are newbie bloggers too and it’s also great to see and how they’re faring ever since they left me a message. :) I’ve touched their lives and for sure they have touched mine. I love getting to know my readers!

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