5 Hacks to Help You Save While Traveling

5 Hacks to Help You Save While Traveling

Whether you’re a frequent flying jetsetter or more of a casual traveler, it’s a fact that traveling can get expensive. But here’s a little-known secret: it doesn’t have to be. To help you spend more time living your best life and creating memories, I’ve put together a list of simple but effective suggestions to help you keep your bank account happy. So for starters, try these 5 travel hacks to help you save money while you travel.

5 Hacks to Help You Save While Traveling

» Flexibility Is Key

If you’re willing to compromise on traveling on an exact day and time, you can save tons of money. People are often surprised by how ticket prices vary based on the day of departure and return. So if you have a few days of wiggle room before or after your trip, it’s a must to experiment with your bookings on a site like JustFly. It will more than likely pay off — literally. The same rules apply for where you’re willing to sit and how long of a layover you’re willing to sit through. Basically: bend on your itinerary to avoid breaking the bank.

» Rewards Programs

Most people are creatures of habit. We eat the same things over and over, socialize with the same people, and listen to the same music on repeat. Believe it or not, these repetitive habits can save you money when you travel. Wondering how? With rewards programs of course! There are hotel chains and unique hotel brands that all belong to the same family. When you sign up for rewards with one of those companies, chances are, you’ll get rewards from all their “siblings” as well. Therefore, if you like staying in nice hotels for free, let those points add up. The trick? Always stay with the same brands.

» Freebies

This may seem obvious, but it often goes overlooked. We’re probably all familiar with the overwhelming feelings of excitement we get after arriving in a new city or country. It’s a sensory overload — new smells, sights, sounds, textures and tastes. If you’re like most people, you have too many things to do in too little time. Before you know it, you’ve wracked up hundreds of dollars or more in costs. The solution? Fill your schedule (or at least balance it out) with as many free activities as possible. Stop by the information desk at your hotel or do a bit of pre-emptive research and planning. Take yourself on a walking tour, to a free beach, or find out when the free museum days are. Doing all these simple things will surely save you from having to live on a penny pincher’s budget when your trip is over.

» Snack Time

This one is by far my personal favorite. If you’re a traveling parent, you’ve probably already mastered this travel hack on behalf of the tiny humans traveling with you. But if you’ve yet to make it into parenthood, grab your backpack, fanny pack, or whatever you have access to and fill it with fruit, vegetables, crackers, chips and anything else you like to munch on before you head out. Extra points for you if you buy them at an open-air market (usually cheaper than a grocery) or a wholesale store. If you want to take your savings a step further, split the cost with whoever you’re traveling with. After all, who said snacks were just for kids?

» Room Selection

You deserve the best. But let’s be honest, you don’t always need it—especially when it can significantly increase the cost of your trip. You’ll often be tempted to book the most expensive room within your budget (or beyond). Unless your idea of a vacation is staying cooped up in your hotel room with room service every day, chances are, you won’t spend much time in there. Forget the penthouse view and unnecessary extra space. If you’re not planning on swimming, working out, or taking advantage of the rest of the hotel perks, save your money and stay somewhere that doesn’t charge you for access to these luxuries.

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Overall, just keep these 5 hacks in mind on your next trip, and I guarantee you: your wallet will thank you for it!

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  1. I must say the snacks save me only from the small hunger. After a while I start longing for something more substantial :D Still, if there's any street food where I'm travelling, it's usually my choice no. 1 :)


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