2013: In a Nutshell | 2014: Resolutions

2013: In a Nutshell | 2014: Resolutions

How has 2014 for you so far? Got some great memories and resolutions ready? Well, for me, the start of September just trickled in, and in just a matter of months it will already be 2015!

Well won’t you look at that? Time really passes by so fast… so before I forget, let me take this chance to show you what I’ve accomplished last year so that I can give you a brief overview of who I am and how I started this amazing traveling lifestyle! (Besides, this blog is fairly new so a brief ‘background’ about me is absolutely needed. Otherwise, if you want a more detailed overview, you can always go over my ‘About‘ page!)

Additionally, I will also be listing out the things that I plan to continue doing (some resolutions!) for this awesome year of 2014 ♥

2013 : In a Nutshell

  1. Way back in 2011 (I was 19) I moved out of my parents house to start living independently. This might not seem so special for other people, but for my country and the culture that we have… this is a BIG thing and a non-conventional one at that; but I really wanted to experience emancipation. Time passed and everything worked out great! Come February 2013, I did another out-of-the-norm step: living in with my boyfriend. I met and got into a relationship with Jonas in 2012 and this made me really anxious at first as it would be my first time to do it anyways! And surely, again, it’s a BIG step with accompanied risks. But after thinking about it a whole lot; I knew that it was the right step. And boy, look at us now: it all worked out quite well! I loooove living with this boy.
    Live in Cohabitation Boyfriend
  2. Quit my job, and started working as a digital nomad. This was such a struggle for me. Even before I met Jonas, I was rarely motivated with my job at the investment bank and I just know that I wasn’t made for office work. I have performed very well, even gaining an Employee of the Month award, but all of it stressed me out a lot. I wanted complete control of my time… and my LIFE, so thanks to Jonas’ guidance and encouraging words, I finally took the courage to quit and started working as a digital nomad (as a freelance graphic designer, marketing consultant, and online entrepreneur; read more about it here.)
    Quit Job Digital Nomad Travel
  3. First mountain hike: Mt. Pulag. It was a first and it was awesome! A bit cold high up, but the experience overall was very rewarding. :) You can read about our experience here: [ click ]
    Mt. Pulag Climb Hike Philippines
  4. Traveled more around the Philippines! Benguet, Bohol, Cebu, Tagaytay, El Nido – Palawan, and Banaue! It was all SOOOO amazing! From witnessing an 8th wonder of the world, to snorkelling around the reefs of Palawan… aaaah. It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! :)
    It's More Fun in the Philippines
  5. Became an elephant owner and a tiger-pal in Thailand (Chiang Mai) A definite bucket-list!!!! I will never forget this. Patara Elephant Farm was the best elephant farm in Thailand that does not mistreat these animals! And our encounter with tigers in Tiger Kingdom was calming and beautiful in its own way :)
    Tiger Temple Kingdom Thailand
  6. Brief Eurotrip! Other than finally meeting Jonas’ family and friends in Belgium, the highlight of this was when we went on a road trip to most parts of France! We saw castles, World War II memoirs, and more! I even finally set foot in Paris! Aaaaah…. it was all so very lovely!
    Europe Tour Trip Paris Belgium
  7. Paragliding in Annecy, France! It was very scary at first, but once you’ve jumped off and ‘fly’, it was UH-MAAAA-ZINNNNGGGG! By managing to swallow my fear, I am quite proud of this one, haha! Next up: sky diving, I hope? :P
    Paragliding Annecy France Europe
  8. Started my healthy eating and lifestyle spree! I may be young, but there’s no benefit in slacking off or in giving total abandon to what I eat. ]
    Fitness Health Exercise Aileen
  9. Jonas! I’m very independent, but he also serves as my support and source of inspiration. Whenever I have those moments of ‘negativity’, he’s always there to slap me back into optimism. HAHA. But really, this boy… all his sacrifices for me, and his immense love… I really couldn’t ask for anything more. He’s one of the best things that came into my life and I’m forever thankful!
    Aileen Adalid Jonas Van Baelen Boyfriend
  10. Grew more as a person… gained more independence, learned a lot, learned how to cook more complicated dishes, etc. etc. etc. I just loooooove growing up. People often go melancholic, hoping that they’re back to being young; but for me, I want none of that. I like how life slowly permits me to age, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.
    Aileen Adalid

2014 : Resolutions

  1. Keep my business stable. I started this traveling lifestyle as early as April 2013 and have worked as a freelancer/digital nomad for almost a year. However, come July of this year (2014), I made another one of my dreams a reality: owning my own business and launching it successfully! It’s called as Adalid Gear in which ‘Adalid‘ is my name that means ‘champion’ in old Spanish. Establishing this enterprise was truly an exciting experience and you cannot imagine my happiness when I saw how successful the sales went after just a month! So for sure, I aim to keep this running and make it grow along with my business partner — who else but my partner-in-crime, Jonas!
  2. Develop more hobbies; learn new stuff! I’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, or take up dance classes to brush up on my skills, or sign up for advance singing classes, etc. etc. etc. Do you have this as one of your resolutions too?
  3. Put a stop or at least lessen ‘procrastination’. We all do it, but baaaah, sometimes I go through such a long period of this that I rarely get to accomplish everything. Perfect example: this blog. Posts about my travel to Europe as well as the rest of my travels in Asia should be up here already but up till now, na-dah. I gotta stay on top on these resolutions!
  4. Continue living and eating healthy! I’ve never felt so great! Living a healthy lifestyle this 2013 really is awesome and I will continue doing this! It has already became a natural ‘habit’ actually, so I guess, not only this year but the coming years: I’ll continue doing this!
  5. Take better control of my emotions and avoid: insecurities, over-thinking, etc. I believe I already have such great control over my emotions; but I also believe that I could do better especially with my usual tendencies to really try and control EVERYTHING that it makes me over-think and all too pry-y. So I hope I get to strike a balance within myself on this area.
  6. Join a band! And sing! I reaaaally liked doing this, especially when I was still in high school. That’s why I’m kind of hopping that I could get to sing more in front of a crowd. I don’t mind if it’s just a part-time thing, as long as I get to sing and make people happy! Chos. Consider it a way to pass time or that I can have an alter-ego come night time. HAHA. WUT.
  7. Travel and experience MORE! Like what others say: travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And that is absolutely and irrevocably TRUE.
  8. Save and invest MORE! And to cut back on expenses. I’m not a material girl, so I rarely shop… but what mostly takes away my savings is expenses on food: OH MY GOD. I should really start making a budget, because when I look at my personal savings account, it’s almost nill. -cries a river- So next year, I will really make it a point to control my impulsive buying and to save up more so that I can invest more as well (like on Bitcoins).
  9. Spend more time with friends and meet new people. I love my me time so much, but I realize that sometimes, I should also go out more often than I already do. I have a good social life, but I feel like I need to level it up, and then meet more new people. :)
  10. To never be afraid of the unknown; a.k.a. the future. It comes with my ‘perfectionist’ trait: I always like it if I can control everything… but I understand, of course, that not everything will go my way and that’s why sometimes, the future scares me, especially if I know that some things can’t be controlled by me. So I really need to let go and to stop worrying too much. All will work out if I just stay me, and be the best of me. :) Besides, I’m already ‘living my dreams’ despite such a young age (I actually never thought I’d reach them this early!) so I shouldn’t be so anxious. But well of course a bit of fear is fine to keep me on my toes, but I also need to calm down and let things flow.

And that’s it! These were my 10 ‘big moments’ in 2013, and my 10 resolutions or goals this 2014. I guess the main takeaway from this post is that it’s always nice to look back to really appreciate your life and all the moments that lead up to the person that you are now. And that of course, it’s also important to look forward and just generally be the best person that you can be.

Remember: Do more. Live healthily. Take risks. Improve yourself. Everything can be done if you have the will and drive to do so.

I started this blog just this month without much of a clear goal at first, but after all the experiences and trials that I’ve been through that made me reach this amazing ‘peak’ of my life, I now realize what I want to do: I want to share my learnings with all of you so that I can help motivate you in reaching your dreams as well.

It will take some time for me before I can organize all of my post ideas, destination guides, travel hacks, and more… but I hope that you’ll be patient enough to stick with me in this journey! There will be exciting things to come soon especially when I also accomplish these resolutions! Stay tuned.

How about you?

  • How was 2013 for you? Any resolutions checked off?
  • What were your biggest accomplishments in 2013 and this year?
  • What are your resolutions this coming 2015?

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  1. Your year 2013 was sublime, Aileen! And you being a digital nomad, seriously that's one thing about other people which gets me envious! You simply have time for almost everything unlike when you are tied down with work. Bravo. Sana ako rin soon! :))))

    1. Thank you Yani!!! <3 I'm definitely sure that you can be one too!

  2. Wow! You had an awesome 2013, Aileen! I am planning to quit my job in a few months and might do freelance work, too. So I'm going to use your experiences as my inspiration. I hope that you'll receive nothing but the best for you this 2014 and 2015! <3

    1. Awww thank you Kisty!!!! <3 And oooh, that's a big step! I'm confident you'll make it! And this also means a lot coming from you. Really, thank you :* I hope for the best as well for you this 2014 and 2015!!! <3

  3. Such an awesome 2013 Aileen, I am very happy for you! I hope and pray 2015 proves to be even more adventure-filled and productive for you <3

  4. I have the same goal as you to take myself totally digital for work this year. Keeping fingers crossed for us both!

    1. Woot! We can do this!!!

  5. Wow, my 2013 pales in comparison to yours but I'm pretty happy about my 2013 too. Congrats on the many big steps you took last year! I hope you have an even better 2014!

    I am still deciding on the elephant adoption.maybe I'll adopt a panda instead! Hahaaha! And Paragliding! In France! Wow!

    1. Hey nooooo! Your 2013 is kickass as well! <3 Congratulations to you too! Let's rock 2014!!!

  6. Glad it was awesome for me, Aileen! Hope to see you one of these days. :)

    1. Indeed, you should definitely do it too! <3 And yeah, hope to see you too one of these days. I haven't really been accepting much invitations for my foodie blogs, so I'm not really 'out' on events most of the time. Kaya ayun :(

  7. ohhh.. shall I call myself a digital nomad too? I mean.. I blog.. and I also sell through online.. anyways, you indeed had that "living the life to the fullest" 2013 theme. your travels left me in awe. have a wonderful 2014.

    1. I guess you can! :D It simply means that digital nomads earn their living in a way that doesn't really tie them to one place. They can do work from any part of the world :)

      And thank you!! <3

  8. You go girlfriend

    1. So hey everyone, this one's my boyfriend LOL

  9. wooow siiis!! You really had a great 2013!!! Gosh.. I really wish I had the best year like you did too :) good luck this 2014! I bet you're going to have a great year ahead again! :D

    1. I bet you had an awesome 2013 too!!!!! And aww, thank youuuu! Good luck to US! We're both gonna have a great year ;)


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