a. ORIGIN: Scottish
b. The Scottish name Aileen means – light bearer
c. The Greek meaning – Messenger of God; Angel; Angelic; The short form of Angela/Angelique


This website is called as ‘I am Aileen’ because Aileen is my name.

…aaand also because I am sooooo bad when it comes to names or even brand names — heck, look at our business name: Adalid Gear!

Not so creative in a sense, but I think it’s best. It has its charm. *pats myself on the back*

Trivia: If I really tried to force myself before, this blog might have been called Nexus (just because I like the word) or Ice Cold (because it was one of the titles of a book series that I loved before named Replica). And that would have been… lame.

In summary:

This domain name has been in existence since 2008 but by September 5, 2014, I officially launched this as a travel blog in order to focus on my travel lifestyle and adventures as a nomad + entrepreneur! If you want to see detailed stats of this blog, see here.


2005 (Absolutely no contents)
2007 (Transformed into a shopping site so I lost my posts)
2007 (For my IMVU spree)
August 25, 2008
2009 to 2013
February 2013
November 2009
September 5, 2014 to Present

Before blogging became mainstream, I already had my own diary at the early age of six. Initially, it was only a way for me to pass time whenever my parents ordered me to take watch at our shop. But over the years, I gradually developed the passion for writing every time that I jot down the things that I feel and think. All of that effort proved as a great thing because it eventually honed my writing skills: I was our editor-in-chief back in high school and I even joined a lot of regional competitions for journalism, etc.

Fast forward to the advent of the blogosphere, Zonexist.blogspot was my first exposure to the internet and to blogging (this happened while I was still in Batanes). Obviously there were no contents and I think that’s because I didn’t have my own network connection that time. Later on, Ancientfire.friendster (now down) was born due to the rising popularity of Friendster and because an internet shop was renting one of my parent’s properties (which happened to be right below our house. Yay to accessible internet!).

Icecold17 was born afterwards when I discovered Multiply. It would have to be my first serious and long-running blogging spree; 10% of the content was from when I was still in Batanes and the rest was when I was already in Manila, starting college. (I hate Multiply for taking down their blogging site because now, I have no record of it and I didn’t also manage to back it up). Zonexist.friendster started because I ditched my old account that was connected to Ancientfire and I also wanted to put up a blog for my Friendster friends who might not possibly drop by my Multiply account. (Icecold656.wordpress was just some sort of sideline blog for my IMVU experience — a place where I earned money through graphic design and whatnots).

(NOTE: Looking back, I really picked some really odd names, yeah? Like seriously, old me… ancient fire? LOL.)

Finally, I am Aileen (in came to life when I was searching for a more reliable website that could keep all my posts (of teenage angst haha). But then, ladies and gents! Tumblr showed up so i-am-aileen.tumblr arose! It became a very popular site so I joined the hype. And guess what? It became so addicting that I ended up ignoring my ‘I am Aileen’ site. Later on though, I decided that my Tumblr would only be dedicated to my short spasms of insatiable desire to write, rant, and comment on just about anything, whereas this Blogspot website would still be my main blogging space.

During these times, I also had my blog running because I started to get a lot of invites from restaurants and hotels in the Philippines. But by 2014, given that I slowly became busier and busier given the advent of my new (travel) lifestyle, I decided to shut down the Foodie website and just keep everything in one place… which is here! (I transferred from Blogspot to WordPress, bought this domain and launched it as a travel blog).

(NOTE: Oneyearandbeyond.tumblr is just my daily diary from when Jonas and I started living in together; but since I am infinitely lazy, I managed to ignore it by 2014 LOL)


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